Switch Business Energy Suppliers Quickly and Easily

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These days, there’s no reason why you should stay with an energy supplier. Many people think that they should remain with a company through loyalty, but if they’re not offering you the best price for the energy you use, this simply doesn’t make sense. When you visit the Business Energy Online’s website you can compare prices in order to choose the right tariff for your business. Switching is quick and easy and can be carried out from the comfort of your office! To find out more about Business Energy Online pay the website a visit or call 01259 225555 today.

Get Switched On

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Business energy customers have seen prices rise over the past few years, however, there are still plenty of savings to be made on their energy bills. Whatever the size of your company and whatever industry sector you’re in, it makes sense to get switched on and compare prices from all the major energy suppliers.

Business Energy Online offers a completely impartial online comparison and switching platform for UK SMEs to get the best energy prices for their business.

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Compare Energy Quotes for your Business

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Are you looking for the best business energy deal? Then it makes sense to pay the Business Energy Online’s website a visit. Rising prices have meant that many businesses are struggling to pay their energy bills and are falling into debt with their suppliers. If you want to avoid this happening to your business, it’s essential that you take steps to find the best deal available to you. Business Energy Online can help you to quickly and easily compare energy prices from an array of leading suppliers.

You can compare prices online or by calling 01259 225555.

The Best Business Energy Prices Online

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Have you grown tired of paying sky high prices for your business’s gas and electric? Then it makes sense to get a business energy quote on the Business Energy Online website.

Business Energy Online compares prices of over 30 energy suppliers to help you to find the right tariff for your business at the best possible price. These remain tough times for businesses in all industry sectors and so it’s essential that you reduce your outgoings where possible. This includes reducing the amount that you spend on gas and electric.

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Business Energy Online – Find the Best Business Energy Tariffs for your Business

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Are you currently getting the best deal on your business energy rates? There may be savings, sometimes huge savings, to be had on your business utility bills. You just need to know which supplier is the cheapest for you. Every business will be looking to save money when and where they can, so why not start by saving on your energy rates?

You don’t need to look for long to find a reputable and fully impartial SME energy comparison and switching service online. In fact, you’ve already found it. Turn to Business Energy Online to find the best business energy prices for your business.

Our business energy’s price comparison tool does all the hard work for you, searching the energy market to see where the best prices are. With our help, you can save precious time and save good money on your energy bills. What’s not to like?

The aim of Business Energy Online is to save our customers money on their business energy bills.

You can compare energy tariffs and arrange your switch online or by calling 01259 225555.

Cut your Businesses Energy Bills

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As a business looking to succeed in a competitive marketplace, you need to cut your outgoings where you can and that includes your energy bills. Fortunately, thanks to Business Energy Online, it’s easier than ever to compare suppliers in order to find the right tariff for your company. Business Energy Online works with an array of leading suppliers across the UK, including British Gas, E.on and SSE.

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Online Business Energy Comparison

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Are you a small business looking to lower your energy bills? Then it might be worth switching suppliers. Many business owners who are looking to compare and switch their gas and electric suppliers visit Business Energy Online. An online energy comparison service, it allows you to find the best energy price plan for your business.

The company is completely impartial and has no affiliation with any supplier. This means that you can trust the service to provide you with a genuine comparison of the major suppliers and their prices. If you would like to speak to someone to discuss your options, call 01259 225555.

Avoid Overpaying for the Energy you Use

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Business Energy Online has developed an innovative and easy to use online comparison service for business owners across the UK.

This allows you to compare energy prices in order to find the best possible tariff for your company. If you think that you’re paying too much for your commercial energy, you probably are!

For a quick and accurate online quote that’s tailored to the needs of your business, visit Business Energy Online. Alternatively, call 01259 225555 to discuss your business’s energy needs with one of the friendly and knowledgeable team.

Best Business Energy Prices Online

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With so many commercial energy suppliers to choose from, it can be difficult to select the right energy tariff for your business. Rather than spending hours of your valuable time scouring the web trying to find a tariff that’s tailor-made for your company, simply head to the Business Energy Online’s website. Our established company works with over 30 energy suppliers. This ensures that we can provide businesses of all sizes and in various industry sectors the best possible energy prices for electricity and gas.

Is the Budget good news for SMEs?

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Last March’s budget was viewed as an attack on SMEs and the self-employed, so the Autumn Budget was a chance for Chancellor Philip Hammond to win them over and the initial reaction has been positive.

SMEs are the backbone of the UK economy and helping them thrive is seen as imperative as the UK prepares itself for life outside the European Union.

Business Rates

The Chancellor listened to calls to scrap the almost 4% rise in business rates due next April by announcing a switch in the inflation measure used to calculate the rates each year from the RPI to CPI from April 2018 – two years earlier than originally planned.

CVS, the business rates specialist, had predicted the RPI inflation formula would have added an extra £781million in bills over the next two years compared with the lower CPI measure.

The Chancellor also called time on the so called ‘staircase tax’ which hits companies in England and Wales with offices in communal blocks business rates based on how many rooms are being used and how they are linked.

The Federation of Small Businesses welcomed the announcement that the “staircase tax” would be ending:

“The end of the staircase tax will throw a lifeline to thousands of small firms that had no time to prepare for this completely unfair and retrospective levy. The Chancellor has done the right thing by reinstating original business rates bills. We hope the end of the staircase tax marks the first step towards wholesale reform of the regressive business rates system.”


The threshold below which firms don’t need to register will remain at £85,000 until at least 2020.

This goes against recommendations made by the Office of Tax Simplification in its recent review of VAT. It said in the report that reducing the figure to £25,000 could raise as much as £2billion each year for the Exchequer, by bringing as many as 1.5million small businesses into the system.

However, this was also received well by the FSB.

Mike Cherry, national chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses, said:

“It was good to see the Chancellor’s speech acknowledge our concerns about the VAT threshold. Dragging thousands of more small firms into the hugely complex VAT regime would have caused a significant drag on output at an already challenging time for businesses. We look forward to working with the Government to reform this burdensome tax. Small firms spend more than a working week a year complying with VAT obligations on average. It’s time that should be spent growing their firms”.


An additional £2.5 billion for the British Business Bank to continue their vital work in facilitating access to finance for small firms will help make that happen. Freeing up pension funds to put more money behind innovative small firms will also add to the UK’s international competitiveness. This is good as with the Brexit negations still going on, other nations will attempt to attract UK Businesses to their shores.

£3 billion of Brexit contingency planning and a promise to step-in to replace European Investment Fund provides some reassurance. What the UK needs is the swift agreement of a time-limited interim period. Only then can small firms start to plan again for the future.